Watch: Lacrosse:’If Summer Ends’ video from soon to be released third album

“Are You Thinking Of Me Every Minute Of Every Day?”  Probably not. You are equally less likely to be thinking of Swedish indie pop band, Lacrosse. But that’s OK, in their own words they “understand that no one is thinking about Lacrosse all of the time, every minute of every day. If they are, they are not well and need professional help.” Quite.


Lacrosse have seen life get in their way a bit over the past three years. People have left, some have become parents. Thankfully Swedish producer Henrik Svensson has managed to get them, and a bunch of songs they have been writing since 2009, together to record the bands third album.

Three years in the making, ‘”Are You Thinking of Me Every Minute of Every Day”, is a melange of upbeat indie pop and dark moody lyrics. The rather twee country craft like album cover is created by Norwegian food artist Ida Frosk. (That’s right, a food artist, as in making pictures from food.) Maybe you could try and re-create it yourself while you listen to the album?


Having established that you are not expected to think about them all the time, the least you can do is afford them a moment and cast your eyes on the first video from the album – “If Summer Ends”, a slightly voyeuristic collage of old holiday movies …

“Are You Thinking Of Me Every Minute Of Every Day?”  is available from January 24th

01 – Don’t Be Scared
02 – I Told You So (Didn’t I)
03 – I Need Your HeartI Need Your Soul
04 – 50% Of Your Love
05 – If Summer Ends
06 – Are You Thinking Of Me Every Minute Of Every Day
07 – Give You More
08 – The Key
09 – This Is Not A War, No Winners No Losers
10 – Easter Island

Lacrosse are

Nina Wähä Arlinder: lead vocals
Kristian Dahl: lead vocals, guitar
Henrik Johansson: guitar, vocals
August Zachrisson: keyboards, vocals
Robert Arlinder: bass, vocals
Tobias Dahlström: drums, vocals

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