New Music: Mowbird – Happy Active Horse Organ


There’s something going on in the valleys at the moment. Well, if not technically the valleys, then certainly Wales, well, Wrexham. Four piece Mowbird make this arty sort of surf-punk, all guitar stabs here, and echo there. They’ve released their first vinyl single that being through brilliant up and coming DIY label Popty Ping,as a follow-up to their first release by Shy And the Fight. As an added bonus, it comes in translucent green vinyl.

The band have already done a Radio One session for Jen Long, and this single precedes their forthcoming album Islander, which drops in February through the home of Islet and Sweet Baboo, Shape Records.

The a-side, Happy Active Horse Organ, is this stuttering, almost post-punk piece of DIY indie. As it progresses into the chorus, so the sound opens out into these big chords, only to be replaced again by this picked, almost percussive style playing in the verses. What it does have though si the kind of chorus you can latch onto and fall in love with.

B side Carousel opens with a drum solo, and it builds slowly, the vocal almost spoken on its entry, before quickly exploding into this punky, surfy minute and a half of energy.

Whatever it is that’s going on in the valleys right now,¬† I hope there’s plenty more of it left for 2014.

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