New Music: Longfellow – Christmas Love Song

longfellowI’m not the most Christmassy person there is. In fact, it’s a bit of an effort, the whole thing. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just..all a bit much for one day of the year I think. Of course, in the presence of my young children I’m as enthusiastic as I can muster, and Mrs Mafia loves the whole thing, and so the house is decorated from top to bottom with coloured paper, card, tinsel and the like. Generally, I view it with slight grumpiness.

But you know, today I feel a bit more seasonal. And what’s more it’s a Christmas song that’s made me feel like it, too. And not one of those old ones that you hear all over the radio at this time of year, but one that’s (relatively) new. South London’s Longfellow have reached the end of the year on a high. They’ve signed to legendary label Fierce Panda, and have a single ‘Siamese Lover’ out on January 27th. To celebrate, they’ve released their song Christmas Love Song as a free download.

This has just a little of another band that started out on Fierce Panda, the Coldplay‘s about it. It’s got this lovely lilting melody about it, and is unashamedly Festive lyrically, featuring Santa and Christmas Bells etc. But, like all really good Christmas songs, it has that ability to make you feel happy. Even the band themselves, so it seems. As singer Owen James Lloyd says “Christmas last year was one of the most trying times for Longfellow to date, it was a real dry patch for creativity and a lot of our relationships were in disarray. The majority of us live together in South London and the air of negativity amongst us all was destructive. We sat down at the Piano wanting to write something to lift all our spirits, something silly to lightheartedly welcome the new year. A cheesy, bell ridden, quintessentially British Christmas song felt like the perfect fit… We hope you all enjoy it and have a lovely Christmas!”

We will Owen, we will.

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