New Music: Bombay Harambee – You Know Better

bombay harambee

I went to Little Rock, Arkansas once. Admittedly, we (there were plenty of us that went over) didn’t really explore everything that the place had to offer, but we did discover The Flying Saucer, a bar of some repute, and we found that despite the feeling that we were a little isolated in this hot, dusty place a long way from the North of England, we had a ball over the course of the five days we were there and so Little Rock, the flying Saucer and those uniforms (if you’ve ever been, you’ll be right there with me) have lived long in the memory.

And so it’s no surprise that a band from that very place, Bombay Harambee, consisting of drummer Kurt Alaska, bass playerDavid Aspacey, Alexander Jones on Guitar and Vocals and Trent Whitehead providing Lead Guitar make this sort of dusty, slightly isolated sounding Indie rock.  It’s rather angsty, downhearted at points, but they certainly have a knack of finding a melody. They have a new EP, You know better, out in January and from it they’ve previewed the title track.

The song opens with these crunching guitar chords and Jones’ rich baritone enters, trapping you in his vocal chords. It quickly unwraps into classic alt-rock, complete with the tension, this guitar solo that bursts out of the song at you, and all wrapped up in a very good tune. Its a tale of slight disappointment, resentment at how a love affair is progressing ‘I love you but I don’t even know your address’ sings Jones at one point.

Elsewhere on the ep, there’s the Indie rock of Now or Never, which splits between slightly angsty indie rock, which switches skillfully between what sounds like two competely different sections. The pick of the other tracks though is ‘What are we waiting for’, the band almost angular, punkish in their delivery over what could conceivably something R.E.M. wrote.

If we ever get to Little Rock again, we’re going to get straight down to the Flying Saucer and show Bombay Harambee a good time.

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