New Music: Molly Beanland – Night Dreams

molly beanlandAs soon as I heard the opening of Night Dreams, I knew I was going to like it. It has that sense of a 1980’s power-synth ballad, shades of Thompson Twins, and the rest of the new-romantic, new-wave synth bands that took the charts hostage around that time.

It’s not just the sound though, and its not just this homage to the eighties either. As the track progresses, so the verses background become more ambiguous, flitting along almost nervously, lyrically forthright.Molly herself describes it as ‘The ultimate love hurts tale. Obsession and the greediest of lusts, both wonderful and terrible, painful and pleasurable, you know it’s driving you insane but you are hopelessly addicted. If Night Dreams were a movie it would be a thriller. Part night terror part daydream’.  The thing that really shines out though in the whole thing is Molly Beanland’s glorious vocal, and this irresistible echo enthused chorus, which makes it one of those instantly memorable songs.  

Molly Beanland takes inspiration from heroes of hers such as Rufus Wainwright, Elliot Smith, The Eurythmics and New Order, and Night Dreams is her debut track. It was produced by New York producer Kyle Vento, and is available on her facebook page  upon its release  for free.

2014 looks like it might be an exciting time for Molly Beanland.

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