New Music: The Din – Heaven

the dinTis the season of Christmas Parties. That of embarrassing deeds, and those jumpers and ties with snowmen and Santa and the like, that scream ‘I’ve lost all self-respect for myself, and I’m prepared to look frankly ridiculous because it makes me seem like I have more personality than i probably actually do’.

It’s also a season where some of the most awful music ever written is embraced, celebrated even. It’s not that I’m totally bah humbug about the whole Christmas thing, it’s just I think we need more songs like this – not Christmassy no, but joyous and uplifting and a total stick in your head, and rattle round inside it for quite a while type of song.

It’s part folk, part gypsy, part acoustic, part flamenco, part rock n roll, and all catchy. It’s from a Newcastle Upon Tyne via Warrington band, consisting of guitarist and vocalist Nick Grimes, with Ollie Scott on Bass, Backing Vocals, Trumpeter/Backing Vocalist Jonny Powell and Drummer Richard “Lionheart” Kerswell..

They’ve already started to make waves, after packed houses whilst playing various festivals including the Secret Garden Party, and Live at Heart in Sweden. Heaven is taken from their forthcoming EP ‘You, Me and the Dead See’ and a host of UK tour dates.

Heaven, by The Din – maybe, if your lucky, on the playlist of your local Christmas Party. If not, why not?

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