Free download: Obsidian Kingdom – Torn and Burnt / Mantiis.

Obsidian Kingdom pic 01 (1)

Obsidian Kingdom describe themselves as an independent music project founded in Barcelona in 2005. Their music utilises a wide variety of sound resources in search of their own unique sound. Moving away from, but not forgetting, their Black Metal origins, they released the album ‘Mantiis – An Agony in Fourteen Bites’ last year. Basically its a recording of one song split into fourteen segments, each one exploring a slightly different genre. Ambitous, but it works. The aforementioned sound resources are put to good use in creating an album that assaults the listener on all fronts. Calm and indulgent in places, intense, claustrophobic and disturbing in others. But that is the intention.

Obsidian Kingdom 2012 Mantiis cover (1)

It’s an intresting listen and can be downloaded for free from their Bandcamp page.


That was last year. Almost twelve months to the day, Obsidian Kingdom have released a remix of the album in the shape of ‘Torn and Burnt’. Handing their work over to a group of artists better known for their work in electronica, ambient and anything but death metal, ‘Torn and Burnt’ takes seven tracks from Mantiis’ and remixes them to give us another approach to the sound. Again its ambitous, and again it’s interesting. Like the original it covers a full range of emotions. The initial track, is remixed by experimental hip-hop artist Oktopus and is similar in feel to the original album. But from there on in, with re-mixes from the likes of Subheim, Drumcorps, and Mothboy, we are transported into an ambient, trip hop,  soundscape that just begs for the best headphones and some solitude.

Obsidian Kingdom 2013 Torn & Burnt cover

Like ‘Mantiis’, ‘Torn and Burnt’ is not an easy album to digest, but thats the point. It’s eerie and very intriguing. Obsidian Kingdom are experimenting and challenging genre definition.With ‘Torn and Burnt’ they are tempting their fans away from their comfort zone and encouraging them to experience their music from a different view point.

As with their previous album, ‘Torn and Burnt’ is  free to download from Bandcamp. Well worth a listen.

Obsidian Kingdom are -

Rider G Omega – Guitars and vocals

Prozoid Zeta JSI – Guitars

Zer0 Aemeour Yggdrasil – Keys and vocals

Fleast Race O’Uden – Bass

Ojete Mordaza II – Drums


Torn & Burnt (LP 2013)

Mantiis (LP 2012)

3:11 (EP 2010)

Matter (MCD 2007)

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