New Music: Society – 14 Hours


It’s all here: that warm fuzz, crackle and snap of the vinyl sound; a certain wooziness in the background strings and synths; judiciously applied samples; big, coolly disinterested drums; like a distillation of opening credits music from film noirs, old-school thrillers and modern-day crime and heist-movies. It’s not trip-hop – there’s nowhere near enough gloom or paranoia for that – this particular sound veers more towards soul and gospel. You can imagine them sharing soundtrack space with Plan B and Lana del Rey…

Society whipped up a bit of interest when they emerged last summer thanks in no small part to some celebrity endorsement and the mystery surrounding who they were. Well, we’re not exactly in Residents territory here – they’re already letting the cat out of the bag. The voice belongs to James Girdler, a 24-year old singer-songwriter currently living in London and he’s been working on this with unnamed accomplices for a couple of years.

There’s a video in the works – promising something “special” and, unsurprisingly, “filmic”. We’ll bring that to you as soon as we can. Until then, mix yourselves a short whiskey and soda (over ice), turn the lights down, sit back and watch something black and white with the sound off, and listen to this. 

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