Discover: Cambodia Highball’s “Open Veins”

chAs promised, here is the second release from Cambodia Highball.  “Open Veins” is a little different from the last single “I Told You I Was Broken”, but still a little on the darker side of things.  A little less desert rock and more atmospheric.

So far, these two songs are the most “traditional” songs CH has recorded.  Everything else is ranging from 10 to 15 minutes in length and are more vast and experimental.  We want to mix the weirder with the not-so weird.  This album is going to be a journey.  A journey with peaks and valleys for sure.  You’ve been given some previews of the peaks.  Be prepared for some valleys very soon.  Chill a 6-pack and find a comfortable spot to perch for a bit.

Cambodia Highball has been on a recording hiatus for the last couple weeks.  Thankfully that hiatus ends this coming weekend.  We’ve got some field recordings to integrate into this next recording session.  I think it’s going to be a hell of a track.  Every week has brought something bigger and better, so this weekend won’t be any different.


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