Discover: Joel Compass – Astronaut EP


When I was 19 (admittedly it was a while ago) I was pretty handy with technology. I and my housemate invested our student loans into a Sega Mastersystem, and so when we weren’t at University (i.e. most of the time) we lived on a diet of Sonic and some kind of thing where you acted as a God, and this other thing where I threw (not literally you understand) ninja stars at black-clad ninja baddies. More impressively still, I knew pretty much every page address on teletext (youngsters, look it up).

These days, technology is a whole new level. Take London singer/producer Joel Compass. At an age when I couldn’t yet win ‘Double Dragon‘ (the aforementioned 19) he is making tracks, about to perform with some of the worlds biggest artists, and actively seeking production credits.

Joel Compass – Back to me

Forthcoming on Black Butter Records is his Astronaut EP. So far two tracks, Back to me and fucked up, off the EP have been released to the public, with all and sundry getting totally excited by it all. What’s striking about the music is Compass’ voice, a sort of part RnB singer, part intoxicating falsetto that’s at the same time surprising and somehow suits the music perfectly. The music itself being a wash of electro and beats with these big round basslines, you know the sort that make you feel warm inside.

Of the two tracks, Back to me is the strongest, his ethereal voice soaring over the background, with Fucked up being more straight soul/RnB. Albeit strong, it’s just less immediate and interesting. Already booked to do the Saturday of Wireless festival, performing with the likes of Jay Z, Emeli Sande and Kendrick Lamar. What these two taster tracks does show though, is that Joel Compass is probably going to be attracting a lost of interest  in the near future.

Possibly a bit more impressive than knowing say the local non-league football fixtures and radio 4 listings I grant you. (399 and 624, just in case you were interested.)


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