Live in Sheffield this week: 25.3.2013 – Kodaline, Voodoo Six, De:Bug, Detestival

Here’s the thing. I virtually never get cross. I like my life to be as stress free as possible, and I’m usually a totally laid back sort of person. I’ve always claimed this is due to my inherent laziness. I think I mean it as a sort of joke, but it’s also sort of true.

But Saturday night, I got cross. Very cross. The subject or my ire was The Leadmill. But of course it wasn’t The Leadmill at all, because I love the Leadmill (for a start, I include it in this just about every week) – I was cross at myself, and a silly rule, and (briefly) The Leadmill. You see I lost my coat ticket. It was about 11.30 – I was tired, it was -3, there was a foot of snow up where I live, and it looked cold outside. I went to the booth with the person whom had put his coat in before me (i.e. next to mine) and explained to the girl I could tell her what was in the pockets, what make and model it was, and, if she were interested, where the little tear is. She wasn’t interested. I could take it at 3am when The Leadmill closed. The anger at this most silly of things (plus the fact I knew the impending taxi wouldn’t be able to get near my house) welled up inside me and burst forth in a conversation with a bouncer (who was lovely and helpful) and some kind of other man (who wasn’t) and further irked I took to twitter to express my displeasure (don’t bother looking, I deleted it), so officially, presuming I get my (expensive – another reason for my anger) coat back at some point tomorrow, I wholeheartedly apologise to The Leadmill, for temporarily accusing them of ‘being shit’. You know I love you – and I did love the Inspiral Carpets, whom I had gone to see. I didn’t stay cross for long, it’s not in my nature, plus the effects of drinking lager had worn off, largely walking home in the freezing cold mind you, and instead I spent the day feeling slightly guilty for getting cross. That’s how rarely it happens.

But, as for this week, it’s not that busy (the students have left town after all) but there’s some quite good things on……..

Monday 25th March – Kodaline @ The Leadmill

kodaline 2

There you go, straight away….. Anyway, if you read this blog, you’ll already know how much we love Kodaline. The Irish four piece make beautiful music in the mould of Coldplay/Keane, which may sound like an idea of hell to some, but they take the best bits of those bands, and mould it into their own sound.

Kodaline – High Hopes

The single, ‘high hopes’ came out last week (we reviewed it here) and gatecrashed the top 40 singles chart this week (a highly respectable 16) and the video……you have to check out the video. Support comes from Gavin James, a similarly fantastic Irishman who we wrote about here Tickets are £10 and you can pick them up here

Wednesday 27th March – Voodoo Six @ The Corporation

voodoo six

Over at the Corporation on Wednesday is London-based rockers Voodoo Six, formed by former Dirty Deeds bass player and producer Tony Newton. They’ve toured with the likes of Iron Maiden and Extreme so these boys are used to playing to the crowd.

Voodoo Six – Falling Knives

Expect a healthy dose of material from their forthcoming album ‘Music to invade countries to’ which is out on April 29th. Support comes from Perfect Crimes, and local boys Havana Rocks.

Friday 29th March – De:Bug presents Shadow Child/Waze & Odyssey/Dale Howard @ Fez Club


You may have read our interview with one of the names behind De:Bug in Sheffield, Reece Johnson. He said of De:Bug in that very interview (you can read it all here)

‘De:bug was born in the early summer of 2011. Myself and a couple of friends decided we wanted to bring a new brand to Sheffield’s steady nightlife, shake things up a bit. We found home at RISE (now Blu88) on West Street, where we threw parties spread over the inside and the terrace, playing anything from disco to techno. We had a really good spell here, but we needed to expand if we were to bring headliners to our events. So we moved to DQ and our aim was to bring exclusive artists/DJ’s to the city that hadn’t played before, or at least not for a good few years. DQ was our home until it came to our first birthday. We were bringing two massive acts to DEBUG and we needed a bigger capacity venue, The Fez was available and this is where we are to this day, each party going from strength to strength, getting bigger and better.’

On the bill Friday is Shadow Child, who most people will know from his ‘String thing’ track. Hopefully he’s going to drop some heavy bass-led grooves and maybe some of his own tunes and remixes as well.

Shadow Child – String Thing

Also on the bill are US/Canadian producers Waze and Odyssey, who’ll be no doubt playing some of the deep house-y bass grooves, amongst other things. I have grown to love anything on the Southern Fried label, so to release stuff on that, amongst others, makes them difficult to miss.

Waze and Odyssey – I want you you you

Dale Howard is also appearing, so Deep House fans have something to get happy about. PLus, he’s pencilled in for a release on Reece Johnson’s new label No More Noise.

It all takes place at the Fez Club, and its £13. Get your tickets here

Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st March – Wet Nuns Present – Detestival @ Queens Social Club


We wrote about this at length here a while ago. Basically the information you need to know is this. The Wet Nuns, they of finest purveyors of death blues from the steel city, have set up their own festival. There are a large number of fantastic noisy, psychedelic, blues, punk and everything inbetween, bands such as Hookworms, Throne, Bo Ningen, Bloodsport, Toy, Temples and Wolf People, as well as the lads themselves. Not to be missed.

Wolf People – Cotton Strands

It really is a fantastic line-up and what better way to spend the Easter weekend? And if that wasn’t enough to tempt you, try this. It’s £15. Yep, £15 for a two-day festival, in the great venue over at Queens Social Club. Tickets are here

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