Live in Sheffield this week: 10.3.2013 – The Darlingtons, The Courteeners, Stornoway

So it’s been four months since I started this blog or webzine or whatever you want to call it. I can’t quite believe how its taken off over that period of time, and spread basically all over the world. For the first time this week, we got views from Moldova and Albania. Welcome. We have writers now in Leicester and London and more coming. They are providing incredible content, fantastic articles, brilliant ideas and all sorts. If you’re reading this and want to collaboratively take part in Backseat Mafia, do get in touch.

So why still Sheffield. I suppose it’s because I believe that everything has to have a base. Yeah, we’ve opened out to the world and we have loads of readers in America, Canada, Australia and Germany and places, but essentially when I started this it was supposed to be about music, art and Sheffield. And so, the Sheffield bit is important. Having said that, if you’re reading in America, Canada or indeed wherever, we (I can say ‘we’ now) would love to hear from you.

As it happens, it’s a fairly quiet week in Sheffield this week (which gave me the chance to rabbit on about the website I suppose) so we might as well crack on with it.

Wednesday 13th March – The Darlingtons @ The Harley

the darlingtons

Over at the Harley on Wednesday is the fabuous Darlingtons. Layered, melodic Indie with more than a hint of the dark about it. It would be silly to miss this over at the Harley, one of the most atmospheric places in the city.

They themselves describe their music thus

The Darlingtons lyrics read like a running commentary on life’s disappointments: but rather than air their lament on a social media site they put pen to paper and write compelling lyrics about their immediate environment, life and people from the heart and wrap them up with the energy and emotion of a widescreen setting.

Kiwi’s trademark vocals propels their songs with a curious mix of innocence and fire. The band are by no means activists, but more idealists wearing rose tinted glasses. Packed with sentiment, passion and belief.

With tickets at a measly £4.00 from here,I would suggest you get hold of one quick sharp.

The Darlingtons – Everything

Friday 15th March – The Courteeners @ 02 Academy


Liam Fray and his boys land here on Friday night. Fresh from the release of their third album, ANNA was released on 4 February, preceded by the release of the first single, Lose Control. It looked as if they might steal the number one on the album charts, after being top of the tree in the midweek charts. In the end, the album charted at number six.

Expect tracks from their other two top ten albums, and epic sounding indie rock  and, lets face it, one of the singles of the year so far in Lose Control.

In support is The Family Rain, and local boys Section 60, who always give full value for money. Sadly its a sell-out so if you can get a ticket you’ll be lucky. Try the box office on the day.

The Courteeners – Lose Control

Saturday 16th March – Stornoway @ The Leadmill


Not from Stornoway at all, but from the Cowley area of Oxford these boys have just released their second album on the iconic 4AD label, called Tales From Terra Firma. The album is out tomorrow, along with the lead single ‘Knock me on the head,  It’s a step on from their brilliant debut album, and the album itself is a step further on from the folk-indie of that said debut.

It’s on at the Leadmill, and it costs £12 from here

Stornoway – Knock me on the head

Have fun. Get in touch, see you next week.

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