Live in Sheffield this week 28.1.2013: The 1975, Riot Jazz Brass Band, Dale Watson & His Lone Stars, Rita Ora, Jake Bugg, The Blind Drivers

You know when you’ve been away all weekend, and you get in and just want to watch TV and do very little. Well, that’s me. But I sort of promised myself when I started writing this blog that I would do my best to keep it up, and I started writing straight away about the live shows in Sheffield that interested me. If I had know at the outset exactly how long each of these would take me, especailly given the above facts) then I might have thought twice. But I didn’t so (takes a big breat) here we go…

The 1975 – Monday 28th January @Soyo


If I were you I’d get down to Soyo pretty quick tomorrow night. The 1975 are on and they are going to be big (as I predicted here ages go -cue a shining my nails on me jumper type of thing) Seems Radio 1 and a host of the influential sorts of people in the ‘industry’ also think they’re going to go a long way, too. Its easy to see why with big melodies and a great sound. If you’re worried about your finances in this last week of the month, don’t let that put you off this one. It’s free.

The 1975 – Sex

The Riot Jazz Brass Band at The Tuesday Club – Tuesday 29th January @Leadmill


If you need something to put a tin lid on a fine evening, its a New-Orleans style Jazz band/brass band, and the Riot Jazz Brass Band are one of the best, following in a long line of great bands from the city, including the stellar Youngblood and Hot 8 Brass Bands. Seriously, if you’ve not heard them, then you check out some of their stuff, its incredible. You’ll find a funky trip from soul to drum and bass as the Riot Jazz boys take everybody with them – it’ll be loud brash and without doubt, very exciting indeed. Get down to the ever fantastic Leadmill, for the equally ever fantastic Tuesday Club. Andy C will be doing his thing as well down there, and you can get hold of tickets here for a bargain price of £4

Dale Watson & His Lonestars – Thursday 31st January @ The Greystones


Once again The Greystones is the place to be for something a little bit different. Dale Watson hails directly out of Birmingham, Alabama but grew up in poverty in Texas. He has become a critics favourtie for following an ambition to make what he considers to be authentic country music, anda host of accolades for his work have been having a positive effect on his record sales amongst the general public. Single mindedly independent and is viewed (and views himself ) as an outsider in the world of country music, here is a rare chance to catch him in the UK.

Dale Watson & His Lone Stars – Night Life

tickets are £15.00 and you can get them here.

Rita Ora – Friday 1st February @ 02 Academy


Rather a strange one for me here. I do (on occasion) love a bit of good pop music, right down the middle of the charts. In Sheffield this Friday is Rita Ora, the Kosovan born British singer, her of number one album ‘Ora’, three uk number one songs and live experience including touring with Coldplay. Expect plenty of catchy, kooky and quirky pop songs, very much in the mould of (her hero) Gwen Stefani. It’ll be packed, fun and, more than likely, quite a show.

Rita Ora – How We Do (Party)

Tickets are £17.50 and you can grab them here

Jake Bugg – Saturday 2nd February @ 02 Academy


You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing or hearing Jake Bugg. He’s on adverts, soundtracks everything. The Nottingham born troubador grew up in the Clifton area of the city, and started playing the guitar aged 12. He was chosen by the BBC to appear on their “Introducing” stage at the 2011 Glastonbury Festival aged 17, and because of this was given a contract by major label Mercury Records. Its easy to see why – described by The Telegraph as the East Midlands Bob Dylan, he makes interesting and even innovative music

Jake Bugg – Lightning Bolt

Tickets are £12.50 and you can pick them up here

also on Saturday…

The Blind Drivers EP Launch -Saturday 2nd February @ Leadmill

If you can. get down to the Leadmill on Saturday night. Its the Blind Drivers EP Launch with support provided by The Sherlocks, Kyle Baker, The Dugouts and Sabella. You can read all about the EP here

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