Get stuff for nowt: Four Tet, Dutch Uncles, Billy Bragg

Here’s another round-up of some of the free stuff available to get your hands on at the moment, and its a really good one. a whole range of different music, and musical styles, and also some of my favourite artists are featured. Certainly, a good start to the new year.


First up is a near 40 minute mix by Four Tet. If you read this blog on occasion (or even dare I say more often than that) you will already be aware of my love for Adem. His fellow Fridge band-member Kieran Hebdon is one of the leading lights in electronic music at the moment. I bought his album ‘Rounds’ from Fopp on division street in Sheffield before I lived here, and that sort of transfixing, repeating and captivating music, which took influences from all sorts of different musical genres. You can see the DNA from this album and his others in this mix of demo’s and unreleased tracks from between 1997 and 2001, entitled 0181. While maybe not the finished article of his other works, it’s still certainly worthy of getting hold of while you can.

Four Tet – 0181


I fell for the Dutch Uncles early. I can’t resist those twisting patterns, changes of time and this quirky voice observing the world over the top. Its Field music like brainy pop, although the boys are from Marple near Manchester and I’ve been there any there’s absolutely nothing to do, so maybe its just they had lots of time to think….I’ve been to see them twice in Sheffield, ad they were fantastic. They’ve a new album out this very week, called ‘Out of touch in the wild’ on Memphis Industries (on lovely gold vinyl amongst other things) and its sounds like it’s a winner. They’re coming over to play at the Leadmill on February 9th (a Saturday as well) so maybe I’ll see them for the third time….

Anyway, if you pop over to their website here, and follow the links, you can download the fabulous Flexxin taken from the album

Dutch Uncles – Flexxin


Lastly, Billy Bragg is a someone with whom I have a special affinity (one way you understand, from me to him) When I was a teenager I literally remember listening to his records on John Peel on a little tranny radio under the covers of my bed (yes, people really did that) and as soon as I got my pocket-money, or it was Christmas or something, I went straight out and bought his first album, ‘Life’s a riot with spy vs spy’ on Cassette. And I learnt to play the guitar using this tape (and a guitar, clearly) by ear, just playing and rewinding and playing on and on and on. UNtil finally I had mastered them all. And I remember that ‘The man in the Iron Mask’ took me so long to learn, that it never really played properly on that song again and used to sort of spool (I think that was the term) over it somewhat. And so began said affinity that has lasted all these years (life’s a riot came out in 1983) and on into 2013 when Billy (I feel comfortable calling him Billy – we go way back) has announced a new album, and a free track to go with it. Its called ‘Tooth and nail’ and its out on March 18th. Get the free track, called Handyman Blues here

Billy Bragg – Tooth and Nail announcement.

Enjoy these, let me know if you have any suggestions. and I’ll have some more for you very soon.

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